Crosslanes Clinic, Physiotherapy, Drogheda.

Crosslanes, North Rd, Drogheda, Co. Louth. Tel:(041)9830638

Services available at Crosslanes Physiotherapy Clinic


Some of the Conditions we address:

Musculoskeletal Problems: This covers a wide range of injuries e.g. Neck/ Back pain, whiplash injuries, soft tissue injuries, sports injuries, such as muscle strains, tennis elbow, knee pain, shoulder pain and many more. If you are in doubt if  Physiotherapy is right for you do not hesitate to contact us and we can advise.  NOTE:  The earlier injuries are addressed the quicker the recovery of the patient.  

Pre and post surgery physiotherapy:  Preparing and strengthening a patient for surgery whether it is a knee, back or even general medical surgery, physiotherapy helps strengthen a patient physically and cardiovascularly. For example, in the case of a joint, maintaining and improving ROM(range of movement) before surgery and educating the client on their post-op rehabilitation and a  strenghtening programme will allow the patient to recover from surgery at a faster rate.

At crosslanes Physiotherapy Clinic we have a  physiotherapist whom specializes in the area of oncology(cancer care), including breast care.  Pre and Post mastectomy patients can benefit from physiotherapy care. Developing frozen shoulder or Lymphoedema following such surgery or its associated treatments, is common and physiotherapy can help prevent and treat these conditions.

Neurological conditions:  Patients post stroke e.g. CVA,  head injury, Patients with Parkinsonism,  MultipleSclerosis(MS) etc.    

Neurological patients benefit greatly with help in everyday activities such as walking, transfers, balance,dressing etc. also prevention of contractures and maintaining range of movement of joints and limbs.

Respiratory Conditions:  Adults and children with ongoing respiratory problems. Physiotherapy can help clear secretions and educate the patient and their carers on everyday respiratory care at home.  We also offer a home visit service when needed.

Other Services you may or may not be aware of include:

Women's Health:  We have a physiotherapist whom specializes and has a great interest in the the area of women's health, treating incontinence and treating women pre and post natal whom have developed neck,  back and/or pelvic pain.

Biomechanical assessment and prescription orthotics/insoles:   Several of our Physiotherapists are trained in this area and we offer a wide range of orthotics  at competitive prices ranging from €50-€250. Conditions helped with orthotics include:  Foot/Ankle pain, hip/knee pain, pelvic and lumber pain. As a generalisation, if the condition is bilateral or if the condition is aggravated with running or walking a definite biomechanical assessment is always useful and an orthotic perscription may be advised.  Many athletes, even children benefit from this service. 

Massage Therapy:  We now have a qualified sports therapist and fitness instructor offering sports massage.

Acupuncture:  Based on Ancient Chinese Medicine Acupuncture treats a wide variety of conditions, we have several Physiotherapists fully qualified in Acupuncture and Chinese medicine.  Acupuncture has become a very popular technique and treatment of choice and we find in many situations, compliments our physiotherapy treatments.

Pilates:   Modern research now shows the secret to maintaining a healthy body and framework is to strenghten our postural and inner core muscles. We now hold regular Pilates classes for core strengthening and stability, these classes are very popular and are adapted towards patients with injuries. Classes are small and intimate (only 4-5 per class). We are soon holding Pilates classes for pre and post natal women and these classes include guidance from our specialist Physiotherapist.  If interested contact us. 

Gym Rehabilitation:   We have an onsite gym with medical exercise equipment including cardiovascular equipment.  Here patients can continue prescribed rehabilitation under the supervision of their therapist and feel safe and confident in regaining full fitness. 

This is just a short guide to our services at Crosslanes Physiotherapy Clinic and if, at any time, you wish to visit the clinic or speak to someone we welcome all enquiries. Contact us